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12-04-2010“Thank God not a BENDEE yoga (just exercises bending). Finally a class that addresses a persons need for theIntellectual, Emotional & Physical level & and if you really deserve it; it will address your spiritual requirements. It is a style that lays a lot of stress on the foundation i.e. breathing/PRANA (life).”

“I came to the class for just three days, but two days of class later I started suspecting that this class can fix me up Physically, Intellectually and spiritually. I ended up staying for good.”

“All Workshops and yoga classes are like Joy Rides two hours and then you forget it. Buthere you went home, you read, you answered papers i.e. you bit a pieces off, you chewed, swallowed, digested and assimilated i.e. made it a part of you. In other words you made it a habit integrated into your life.”
- Ajit, Indian,
International Township of Auroville, India


"I was feeling very upset about something. I went and sat down and practiced 'Opening'. Almost immediately I felt a calming effect."
- Angela Vassiliades , Greece,
International Township of Auroville, India




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