Metal detection door B200G

vTechnical performance:

(1)Detection area: According to the basic structure of the human body, the metal detection gate is divided into six detection areas, multi-zone synchronous detection.

(2)Sensitivity: Each detection area can be adjusted for 256 levels of sensitivity (according to the actual application of the situation, pre-set the level of sensitivity, can be ruled out belt buckle, keys, jewelry, coins and other items, to detect the control tool, gun or metal article).

(3)Detection of alarm work: single area single, multi-zone single newspaper, multi-zone overstatement, three kinds of work can be programmed from the set.

(4)Sound and light alarm: alarm, both sides of the post post indicator light, can be synchronized sound and light alarm.

(5)Operating frequency: 16 operating frequency programmable from the set, anti-interference ability.

(6)Detection speed: two pairs of infrared radiation scanning, rapid response, can be a large flow of detection (60 / min and above).

(7)Counting function: to count the number of people, the number of alarm statistics, the number of statistics accurate.

(8)Dual protection: mechanical lock and password double protection, only through the password verification of the operator, can be set in the host panel parameters.

(9)Interface: reserved communication interface, can be synchronized touch peripherals, such as: camera, alarm, access control, swing gate, three roller gates, Ji gate and other peripherals.

(10)Appearance: fashionable, design avant-garde, highlight the dignity of luxury.

(11)Material: made of special synthetic materials, the surface wear, corrosion resistance, moisture, fire.

(12)Safety: harmless to the human body (for the human heart pacemaker, pregnant women and other harmless), harmless to the items (for magnetic floppy disks, tapes, videotapes and other harmless), in line with the current application of the international and The domestic safety standards