Temperature Screening Gate

Temperature Screening Gate

vTechnical performance:

Measure temperature28~45

Temperature resolution0.1


Response time3s

Alarm temperatureself-setting, such as 37.5

Body temperature alarm modetemperature display, voice broadcast

Detection distance0.3

Working environment0~5020-80%RH

In-body temperature display: use core algorithm to display in-body temperature, such as 36.5

Counting functionstatistics on total number of people and number of people with abnormal temperature

InterfaceReserved interface, which can synchronize touch peripherals, such as: camera, alarm, access control, channel gate

Network function interface (optional)Reserve R485 network interface

Appearancenovel style, avant-garde design, showing majestic luxury

Materialmade of special synthetic material, the surface is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant, fire-resistant

vTechnical Parameters:

External power220V  50/60Hz

Power consumption35W

Working frequencyself-adjusting according to the installation environment

Working environment-20桪 +60

Dimensions2220(high) 820(width) 400(deep) mm  10%

Channel size2000(high) 700(width) 400(deep) mm  10%

Total Weight66kg

Shipping weight75kg