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The 'Lost'  Bel Canto Technique

Several hundred years ago the Bel Canto Technique evolved, thanks to the Italian Masters or Maestros of the 'Voice'. They perfected their knowledge of the voice over several hundred years through the rigorous training of singers, actors and orators - resulting in this renowned technique, thought by many today to have been  lost.

It is not lost! It has always existed, whole or in bits and pieces. This tradition of teaching was limited to the hours one master could teach and to the passing on of the knowledge by those trained in it.

The Vocal Yoga VY®  training is defined as the silent strengthening & preparation of the inner and outer body movements' ‘pre-speech’ that help the body to hold sound firmly while gradually leading the vocal chords towards the bottom of the throat, wherein lie the individual’s fingerprint vocal personality and color.

This guidebook, Vocal Yoga VY®, gives you an understanding of the true world of the voice. It also includes the basic exercises to help you understand your bodily movements needed to hold sound correctly before speaking or singing.

The Bel Canto Technique encased in developed and traditional yogic asanas can enhance your daily or professional life if practiced with diligence

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