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  • Why are the Vocal Yoga VY® workshops only being held in India for 2009-2010?

Clare Fanning, who founded Vocal Yoga VY® , is establishing this instruction as of 2009 with Indian Institutions, Universities and Colleges. Research is a very important factor in showing the value of this work and papers will take at least two years. Likewise teacher training in long distance technologies will also develop there.

However, special requests, concise, and organized for no more than ten days can be possible once or twice a year after May 2009. Otherwise, if you sign-up to come to India, you will have a choice of area (Mysore, Auroville, Puducherry).

  • How soon is the Vocal Yoga VY® online training at VoiceCorps.com going to be available and in what form?

Teacher training is a first priority. An alliance with certain yoga organizations in the USA and France are being looked at for in country classes. For online users please fill-in the form to be informed when the interactive accesses are beginning.  Voicescorps.com prepares each instructional web-site as part of the set-up service for teachers. Priority for those seeking training for themselves will be on a 'first requested' basis only.

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